Emmaus Community Bible Study

Emmaus Community Bible Study

Because we all have work to do on our walk with God.  An open study that encourages questions and digging into God's word for the answers.  Brought to you by community members, giving us each a format to become both teacher and student.  All are welcome to come participate or just observe, all questions are welcome as we search together for the Biblical answers. 

Bible Study from April 15, 2019

Genesis Chapter 5, this is a very important chapter for many reasons besides the obvious.  How many of us read through the geneaologies simply thinking ok, ok, I get it we need to remember the history.  What if I told you there were golden nuggets hidden everywhere in God's word?  Start by reading Geneis Chapter 5 again, then continue below. 

Yes it is important to know the heritage of mankind and understand the history of our heritage and the heritage of Biblical teachings.  But there is something more with far deeper meaning and enlightenment when we study the meaning of God's word, there is far more written than the words themselves.  Let's dig in, shall we? 

There are ten major figures listed in this chapter beginning with Adam, let's explore each one seperately. 
Adam - God called him Adam which the scripture says because he was "mankind or humankind"  so Adam means "Man"
Seth -  in the end of Genesis 4 we see that Eve named her son Seth, saying he was "appointed" to replace her lost sons to the tragedy of man's actions. Seth menas "Appointed"
Enos - this name is derived from the Hebrew for Mortal or uncurable as things were probably pretty dismal at times during childbirth especially. Enos means "Mortal"
Kennan - This word we see occur quite often in the Hebrew texts and is synonymous with "sorrow" as we see in the kenanites.  Kennan means "sorrow"
Mahalaleel - this is made of two Hebrew root words,  Mahalal which is like our hallelujah meaning "the blessed" and the suffix el as in El Elohim.  So Mahalaleel means "the blessed God"
Jared - pronounced yared (no J in Hebrew) is a verb which signifies "shall come down" it was often used to signify an upcoming travel indicating a return trip.
Enoch - Enoch is speacial in that he was given the prophecy of the flood four generations before it happened, he was very close to God, so close in fact that it says Enoch was taken without
               death and walked with God.  Enoch's name means "teaching" as we should look to him as a teacher and walk so closely with God. 
Methuselah -  Ahh the oldest man in the Bible.  God promised Enoch that He would not flood the earth as long as his son lived.. so Enoch named him Methuselah another two part Hebrew
               word,  Muth meaning "death" and Selah which we see often in the psalms meaning a pause or upcoming event.  Methuselah means "his death shall bring"
Lamech - A word we should all be familiar with, Lamenting?  Lametations?  To lament is to be in despair over something.  Lamech's name means "the despairing one"
Noah - we all know the story of Noah and the trust placed upon him, being a direct lineage of the first borns of Adam, Noah means "comfort" or "rest".  

Ok, so the Biblical names have meaning right?  Well if scripture says that God knew you before you were in your mothers womb, don't you think He had a little something to do with your name?  Let's look at those meanings in order of birthright and see if there is some deeper meaning to the scripture. 

Adam - Seth - Enos - Kennan
Man Appointed Mortal  Remember the garden of Eden?  Mankinds choice to defy God?  It resulted in death, separation from God.  Mortal sorrow right?  Let's go on. 
Mahalaleel       -  Jared                      - Enoch           - Methuselah                  - Lamech          - Noah
The Blessed God shall come down, teaching (that) His death shall bring the dispairing (to) comfort.   

Who's ready to look for golden nuggets?   De Colores!

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