Prayer Requests

Please use the form below to send prayer requests directly to our prayer team, also take time if you wish to pray for those on our prayer list. Thank you. God Bless. 

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Our Prayer List

Dale & Karen Boyette
Clyde Boyette
Monica & Nathan King
William Alvey
Rhea Belk
Ms Nancy
Marsha Parker
Zack Parker
Jason Hunt
Derik & Christie Boyette & Family
Bill & Vida Wright
Scotty Wright
Rebecca Maupin
Brodie Nelson
Delbert Martin
Tony Fraizer
Brenda Lewis
Michael Beltran
Jesse Douglas & Family
Stephanie Wing
James Logue
Joe Allison Family
Tammy Samuels
Our Youth
Tim Smithpeters & Family
Shirley Camp
Autumn Hayes
Tommy Avery & Family
Treadway Family
Helen Charton & Family
Dorothy Rivers
Many Unspoken
Brenda Castillo
Mr Hawkins
Stroud Family
Tony Howerton
Greg (Kimmie Jeffs brother)
Bailey Joe Glover ( and family)
The Crow Family
Corey & Family
Ms Susie & Family
Lexi, Chrissy, Jimmy
Delilah Wells & Family
Teresa Barnes & Family
Nona Schmidtt
Kenneth & Brigette Schmidtt & Family
Bobby Nichols
Steve & Carol Dobbins
Liz VanDalesem
Jada Sanders
Ms Linda Henderson
Kris McGhee
Jason & Frances Woods & Family
Kimberly Jeffs & Family
Della & Donna Nelson
Heather & Joseph Wiley & Family
Sharon Grimes
Mike Walker & Family
Mike Herring
Mike Majors & Family
Abigail Barker
Susan French
Tommy Maupin
Steve Lamb
Sheila Lamb
Baby Corbyn
Brooklyn Crow
Larry Ford
Emory Williams
Fred McCoy
Shirley Caudell Family
Tracy Swain Family
Jimmie Richmond
Maverick Peacock
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