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Please use the form below to send prayer requests directly to our prayer team, also take time if you wish to pray for those on our prayer list. Thank you. God Bless. 

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Our Prayer List

Dale & Karen Boyette
Clyde Boyette
Ms Nancy
Marsha Parker
Jason Hunt
Derik & Christie Boyette & Family
Bill & Vida Wright
Scotty Wright & Family
Megean Wright
Rebecca Maupin
David Ritchie
Sandy & FLoyd Blakeney
James & Melanie Palmer
Sherry Haddidon
The Safe Place
Jacob & Reba Eddy
Sharon Grimes
Natasha McGhee
Kelly Ogle
Jackie LaCook
Rhea Belk
Rose Family
Our Nation
Our Youth
Larry Jones
Larry Childers
Israel and Middle East
Jennifer Zinser
Christina Lamm
Phil Chavez
Allison and Esteban
Freda Blair-Martin
Paige and Chad
Grace Johnson
Jim Caldwell
Many Unspoken
Drew Boyles
The Crow Family
Corey & Family
Delilah Wells
Teresa Barnes
Kenneth & Brigette Schmidtt & Family
Gena Alvey
Bobby Nichols
Steve & Carol Dobbins
Patty Davis
Trish Delequent
Billie Jean
Robert Frost & Benjamin & Nathan
Louise Rojas
Sarah Drinkwater
Shirley McCoy
Journey Through Recovery & all recoveries
Andrea Summerall and Family
Michelle Grimes
Calbe Grimes
Jennifer McNeeley
Katie Lawhon
Tina Spires
Karen & Randy Lawhon
Deb McNeeley Family (Don, Will, Misty)
2021 Ministries
Jesse Boshears
Max Carruth
Jennifer Loth
Perry Baptist Church
Tommy and Donna Johnson
Brian Ragland and Family
PD Wofford
Cheryl and David
Aaron Ellison
Our Troops & Public Servants
Our Communites, Churches, Leaders and ourselves. 
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